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When we think of designers, we think of a particular discipline. Strict forms and shapes convey concepts in a defined category.


What if we stretched our vision to create a sense of many art forms? What if we brought forward imagery of a creative mind that solves ideas and concepts with the intricate ease of collected experience? A mind that creates a language. Now embody that person with a deep skill set, that drawing from it, becomes a lexicon of style and innovation.


Laurentino Azevedo.


Born in Brazil and touched by the indelible status of having such a mind, such a soul. One that never ceases to foster art and create new levels of style.


Laurentino started his journey in Miami with a burgeoning career in Interior Design.


Never one to stagnate, the hustle of San Francisco beckoned. Studying art and design he took the thriving language of the city in the West and added it to his belt.


The move to Manhattan brought him within such easy reach of so many disciplines. With his mind that never stops reaching, this expansion created a gravitational force field around him. Laurentino designed sets and styled photo shoots. Buzzing up the latest fashions and innovative looks came naturally.


When you are a multidisciplinary thinker, the thoughts and ideas reach further than the end of one’s nose. Laurentino was genuinely adapting to every surrounding. The fashion world elevating in the late 1990s and early 2000s bursting in New York captivated him.


The best magazine work crossed his hyper-varied path. Vogue, Harper’s, W, and V pulled his unerring taste and ease of knowledge. Standing right in this line were the stars. Dressing celebrities and musicians kept him in the center of the future of fashion trends. Never the victim, always the setter, he created a movement of taste distinction and quality workmanship at every opportunity.


Art direction. Set Design for film. Fashion shoots. Music videos. Display design for Macy’s, Bloomingdales, and Victoria’s Secret. The world winds of New York City give way to the call of Europe. The elegance, the deeper levels of taste and refinement.

Barcelona beckoned after a decade in New York City. Opening an agency gave Laurentino a platform to bounce between Paris and Milan for fashion’s finest moments. Settling in the highly influential capital of intense flavor, food, and space. The drift of the city’s passions drove him to think in a new and deepened way.


London! Always his love! The city became a lover. He became a UK citizen and claimed it as his hometown. He lives there fruitfully to this day. Here he creates his umbrella business, Laurentino Azevedo LTD.


The spine being a futuristic modern multidisciplinary floral company, LA FLOR.

A startling melding of all of the talents that he possesses.

Bringing his intrinsic flair far forward.

Raising the bar of what was in the box, to completely out of the vase.

There it is.


So far out of the box. . .

He has brought flowers out of the vase.


Welcome to LAFLOR




From Laurentino Azevedo:


“I would like to thank all of the professionals and people who have supported me throughout my career. The enormous love and passion I have experienced have only allowed me to grow as an artist and as a person. The connection I feel to this world and my chosen profession has elevated me to a place of openness and beauty. Thank you.” L.A.