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A space defines an idea. The idea defines the space. Texture brings the contrast to life. A surreal dance of temperature and light. Organic angles bend to the betwixt.


Interior Design

Formalizing. Highlighting. Emphasizing. Bringing the products to the space and to the eyes. Structured qualities with an eye for the surreal. Real.


Interior Design

Clear corners fused inside the hints of classic detailing. Surreal details to beguile the eye. Startling dark contrasts with organic levels. Bringing together the idea of warmth and simplicity.


Visual Merchandising

Positioning. Contemplative composition. Balance. Contrast. Casual elegance.


Video Production

Visual acuity. Heightened levels of balanced contrast. A full language of vital signals to the viewer. Lasting impressions that carry the subject in a timeless fashion.


Product Design

Bright open conceptual language. Utilizing space and color in equal measure. Singular LAFLOR designed pieces emphasizing the through line of the LAFLOR brand while elevating new ideas.


Creative Direction

Graphic intensity. Bold creative lines coupled with doses of whimsy and a sense of fun.